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I help business owners solve their $20,000 problems!

Wait, what does that even mean….?

Well, when I chat to business owners I hear things like:

  • “I’m being pulled in all directions and I can feel myself burning out.”
  • “I’m working way too hard, it’s taking longer than I expected and I’ve just got no spare time.”
  • “I’m not making enough money, some week’s we are scrambling for cash, and it’s getting out of control”
  • “I can’t find great staff, it feels like no one shares my vision and it’s stressing me out.”

And yet they all feel like they’ve got a good business but they just don’t know how to take it to that next level.

They are not alone, I hear this all the time, these things are $20k problems because…. there is money to be made in fixing them!

And that’s what I do, I help business owners solve $20k problems!

So What’s My Story?

Growing up in England I always longed for warmer weather and sandy beaches as they were in pretty short supply in my hometown. Watching Neighbours always made Australia look so inviting.

After completing my training in Engineering I packed a bag and pretty much never looked back.

Through my business life I have been an Engineer, Digital Marketer, Software Entrepreneur, Franchisor, Trainer and most recently Partner in a Professional IT Services company.

In these business adventures I have been involved in many exciting developments including taking a pdf ebook that was sold online for $29 to a national Franchise across Australia.

I was Head of SEO for two large digital agencies in Sydney working heavily in the finance sector across all the major bank and credit card brands, achieving great results for my clients in one of the most competitive SEO landscapes.

As a shareholder and COO in a Professional IT Services Company I helped grow it from 2 to 12 full time employees and add in multiple revenue streams in to the business. This was in 2.5 years, all self funded and profitable year on year.

I still have 3 companies today that run 99% on autopilot with very little intervention from myself in the day to day operations. One of them services over 3,000 customers and takes me less than one hour per week to manage.

I just love process and systems that allow you to do something once and then focus your efforts on the next exciting thing that will help you move one step closer to your ideal business.

Now, with The Local Business Network for Maroochydore, my aim is to help more Business Owners build their Ideal Business with industry leading tools and cutting edge practices.

Great. but what about outside of business hours?

When I’m not on my Macbook or iPhone (yes I am on the Apple side) I keep pretty active with Crossfit, mountain biking, paddle boarding and longboarding.

My family is made up of my wife, our son and our two Golden Retrievers, Poppy and Mia who really love coming out on the paddle board with me.

I’m also a pretty good cook and some people seem to think I’m a little bit of a tidy freak. Something I might have inherited from my Grandad who told me “a place for everything and everything in its place”. It kind of stuck.

So that’s me!

Now what about you?

Let’s get connected and we maybe can figure out a way to solve your $20k problems and create your ideal business.

Look forward to hearing from you.